'SNL' Spoofs Brad Pitt's Chanel No 5 Commercial

So apparently not everyone is a fan of Brad Pitt's new ad for Chanel No 5.

Already mocked by many for being "pretentious," the new commercial lensed by director Joe Wright has now inspired a Saturday Night Live skit that pokes fun of Pitt's appearance and mysterious monologue.

Decked out in a blonde wig and fake goatee, performer Taran Killam plays Pitt reciting his lines for the black and white ad.

"The world turns and we turn with it," Killam says, quoting Pitt. "Plans disappear and dreams take over—and then dreams wake up and smile at reality…I'm sorry—is there really no script? Because I've been talking to myself for like two hours straight and I'm starting to sound insane."

"You want me to sound less coherent?" he asks an off-camera producer. "Ok, then I can just start making up words. Splendiferous ... magnificus ... Sorry, is it just me or do I just look super homeless?"

Ouch. Multiple versions of the spoof reveal see Killam-as-Pitt promoting, respectively, Taco Bell, condoms for dogs, and a tattoo removal service.

We suspect Karl Lagerfeld won't be amused.