Put Down the Salicylic Acid: Botox Seen to Improve Acne

Photo: Getty Images
Getting botox can combat acne.

Pimple-free and winkle-free all in one fell swoop? Seems like beauty bliss to those unphased by a little needle.

Aside from the obvious anti-aging benefits, recent studies show Botox as a tool to combat acne, according to Medical Daily.

Used for more then just cosmetic purposes, Botox has been used to treat muscle spasms, excess sweating and Ashtma.

Anil Shah MD, a plastic surgeon in Chicago who is one of the few doctors using Botox as acne treatment, tells Medical Daily "Botox definitely clears up acne."

According to Dr. Shah, Botox prevents the production of the sebum, which in turn starves the bacteria that causes pimples.

Dr. Shah published the only study demonstrating that Botox lowers the skin's oil production. In the study, 20 patients were administered a single application and after one month of injection, Dr. Shah observed an improvement in sebum production and a decrease in pore size.

Although the teenage population is by far the most pimple-prone group, Dr. Shah doesn't accept teenage patients.

With research showing that premature Botox can make you look older, as well as decrease your ability to empathize, better be safe and broken out then sorry and frozen-faced.