Move Over Miley! Women Over 40 Opt for More Daring Hairstyles

Photo: Getty Images

When we think funky, out-of-the-box hair, we picture a pink-haired punk teen sitting outside detention, however, turns out adults over 40 may actually be more daring with their 'do then their children.

According to the New York Times, salons of major cities like New York, London and Los Angeles have noticed women in their 40s, 50s and 60s ditching the classic Park Avenue-coif in favor of more statement strands, from vibrant hues to dramatic dip-dyed ombré locks.

“I don’t ever want to be plain. The worst thing is to look too suburban.” Sunny Bates, a New York-based entrepreneur told the NYT. “I was at my stepdaughter’s high school graduation a few months ago and every one of those girls had the same straight long hair with the $30 blow-dry,” she said. “It’s oppressive. I know a lot of it is about attracting men, but if you’re cookie-cutter, what kind of man are you going to attract?”

Whether a midlife crisis or not, these ladies are showing up the younger set with runway-ready hairstyle trends that make any blonde bob look passé.

“Our older New York clientele is very progressive,” Edward Tricomi, a partner in the chain of Warren-Tricomi salons, told the NYT. “Besides that, you have these 60-year-olds — my generation — who are healthy, going to the gym and feeling young. I certainly don’t look like my uncles and aunts when they were that age. These women are living full and wonderful lives.