Skin Deep: Anti-Bacterial Soaps Harmful to Complexion

So fresh and so clean.

In our germ-crazed everyday life, we've learned to rely heavily on antibacterial cleansers and hand sanitizers small enough to carry in our purse.

There's nothing quite as satisfying as a squeaky clean, fresh-faced complexion, yet this feeling of clean may be the opposite of what we really need to maintain that radiant glow.

Contrary to our cleanliness-crazed existence, recent research shows our addiction to anti-bacterial soaps could actually be detrimental to our health.

According to the Daily Mail, there is beneficial bacteria in our skin is that is essential for combating wrinkles and other evidence of aging.

Who knew that scrubbing too often would add years to our face? The fountain of youth obviously needs a little dirt and bacteria to work its magic.

Certain bacterias that we scrub away with our daily moisturizing and cleansing routines actually work to build wrinkle-preventing collagen that will keep the moisture and youthful glow in our complexion.

As a result of these recent studies, skincare companies are creating new lines full of prebiotics, which promote the growth of good bacteria, so take a step back next time you stock up on heavy-duty exfoliators.