Chanel Rouge Allure Takes Center Stage in New Video

 Ready for a little history lesson, kids?

The late fashion photographer Erwin Blumenfeld is famed for two things: shooting more Vogue covers than anyone else, and filming beauty commercials that were so artistic, it hardly seems fair to call them advertising.

Naturally, it's about time the man got a tribute, and Chanel is stepping up with a new video directed by photographer Sølve Sundsbø, who mimics Blumenfeld's techniques to create a film that's both bewitching and beautiful.

Set to Goldfrapp's "Wonderful Electric," the surreal short blends animation with collage-style photography as it focuses on a model's eyes, nose, and mouth, the latter of which is coated with a series of Rouge Allure lipstick shades.

Listen closely and you might just be able to make out what the model is saying. And if you do, won't you please tell us?