Political Pampering: 'Mint' Romney and 'O' bama Bliss Body Lotions

Photos courtesy of Bliss

Left-wing or right-wing politics? Choose your lotions accordingly.

Lather up for the cause!

The beauty world is getting in on the election action with some political-inspired body lotion by Bliss.

The luxe beauty brand is launching Barack Obama and Mitt Romney-themed lotions next week to get your mind and body prepped for the approaching election.

The mint-scented 'Mint' Romney and orange-scented 'O' bama moisturizers will be handed out at the upcoming party conventions, starting with the Republican convention in Tampa, Florida next week and the Democratic convention in Charlotte, North Carolina in September.

Bliss president, Mike Indursky, told the New York Times, 'There’s a lot of mean-spirited politicking going on. So we thought, "Why not have fun with it?" "It’s an "eau-lection,"' Indursky laughed.

Starting August 27, if you spend $50 or more on, you can choose one of the lotions as a gift.

Don't get swayed by the bottle's exterior. Stand your ground and choose according to scent and substance!