Jennifer Aniston Spends $8,000 A Month On Beauty and Fitness

Photo: Patrick McMullan
Jennifer Aniston flaunts her famous bod.

Good genes can only take you so far, and Jennifer Aniston is the most recent proof that perfection doesn't come without a price.

America's sweetheart goes to extreme measures—and pays a pretty penny—to maintain her enviably fit physique and youthful appearance.

The star created a lot of buzz when she recently admitted her addiction to laser peels on Late Night With Conan O’Brien, where she discussed an expensive procedure she swears by, calling it ‘laser porn.’

The new issue of Grazia details Jennifer Aniston's daily beauty and fitness budget, from her sun-kissed yet smooth skin, to her sexy, sculpted figure.

Starting out like any normal woman might, the actress washes her face with a Neutrogena Facial Cleansing Bar ($2.50) and moisturizes with Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream ($42).

However, Aniston's beauty budget goes up drastically when you factor in items like her $350 Mila Moursi Rejuvinating Serum and $450 Euoko neck cream, which is made from crystals from planet Mars (yes, really.) One of the actress's favorite indulgences is Tracie Martyn's Spa Red Carpet Facial (more than $500).

To keep her rock-solid bod, Aniston takes private yoga sessions with trainer and friend Mandy Ingber (about $900 a week for three hours of stretching and cardio).

The spokeswoman for Vitamin Water stays healthy and hydrated with the help of dietician Carrie Watt, whose consultation fees and home delivery service total around $680 a week.

Aniston isn't the only celeb who can't get enough of the fountain of youth: Cindy Crawford recently revealed her jealousy toward her 10-year-old aspiring-model-daughter.