Axe Launches Anarchy for Women

axe launches anarchy scent for women

Photo: Facebook

Battle of the Axes: Anarchy body spray for him and her.

For years Axe has bragged about its ability to help men get women's attention. Now it's putting its money where its mouth is.

The grooming company is launching its first fragrance for women with Anarchy, a new body spray available in his-and-her versions. Guess which one comes in pink packaging?

Though the Unilever brand has seen its ads banned in the U.K. for being "degrading" to women, it is hoping to reach out to females with the launch of a serialized graphic novel that will be updated with suggestions and images from the public.

Or maybe not. Promising to be the first comic book created in real time, the inaugural issue of Anarchy sees lots of passionate clinches and more scantily clad women than a pile of Maxims. Thanks, guys!

Speaking of which, a TV spot for Anarchy highlights the scent's pulling power by showing lust-lorn men and women wrecking their cars and bringing the city to a grinding halt as they paw at the object of their affection.

In other words, Chanel No. 5 it ain't.

Meanwhile, this Axe ad has been banned for religious reasons.