Women Look Best for Two Hours 22 Minutes in the Morning, Study Finds

women look best 2 hours into day

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Working women beautify again just two hours and 22 minutes after getting ready in a.m.

Be honest: After leaving the house in the morning looking perfectly polished, how long before you duck into the office powder room for a touch-up?

A new study by U.K.-based bath and body line Imperial Leather SkinKind found that for working women, it’s just two hours and 22 minutes before that lipstick fades and done ‘dos come, well, undone.

The Daily Mail reports that according to the study, the average woman spends 10 minutes in the shower, 11 minutes drying and styling hair, eight minutes applying makeup, and nine minutes choosing her ensemble for the day—only to reapply makeup and fix hair just a few hours later.

Almost three quarters of those polled said their appearance goes “drastically downhill” over the course of the day, with 40 percent feeling “bedraggled” by lunchtime.

Of course, if may just be all in our little made-up heads: Over half of the 2,000 men polled as part of the study said women look “great” all day.

Thanks, guys.

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