School Bans Makeup, Removes Bathroom Mirrors

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Nothing to cheer about: A school has removed mirrors from the loo, and banned makeup

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the strictest school of all?

While some schools have voted to ban extreme makeup, England's Shelley College is taking it a step further by removing mirrors from its girls' bathrooms in an effort to thwart overzealous makeup applications during school hours, the Daily Mail reports.

The drastic move comes in response to the alleged abuse of a "discreet" makeup code, which has prompted administrators to now ban cosmetics altogether. The mirrors had originally been boarded up, but were taken down over the school holidays after students managed to uncover them.

What's more, teachers have been outfitted with nail polish and makeup remover in case they come across any students looking suspiciously glam. If students, who range in age from 14 to 16, refuse to take off their slap, they could spend the day in isolation.

Not surprisingly, the girls aren't exactly taking the news well.

"The ban is just ridiculous and the school is going to extreme lengths to stop us wearing makeup," one 16-year-old girl told the paper.

"The school says it affects our education but it doesn't. I just put some mascara and foundation on at 7:30 a.m. and don't touch it until I get home. We do it for our own confidence. We have to do presentations and I don't want to stand up in front of the class without makeup on. It's just to hide our insecurities. We know school is not a fashion show."

Other students, however, agree that the makeup (citing "big orange cheeks" as a recent "stupid" trend) was a distraction, and say that the cosmetics ban puts the girls on equal footing.

"Shelley College reviewed its uniform and makeup policy in the spring term of this year, seeking ways to make it clearer for students," adds headteacher John McNally. "There was a clear majority in favor of tightening up. In particular, we have removed the right to wear 'discreet" makeup, which proved to be ambiguous.

"Sadly a small minority of students were flouting the rules and we have now made it clearer that students in years nine to 11 are not permitted to wear makeup. The vast majority of parents and students are very supportive of this change. We removed the mirrors from toilets as a temporary measure because, sadly, a small number of students were spending too long in there at lunchtimes which was putting other students off using the facilities."

Well, girls, if it makes you feel any better, Lady Gaga is making barefaced cool again.