Lindsay Lohan Tanning Mist Lawsuit Dismissed

tanning spray
The lawsuit over Lindsay Lohan's Sevin Nyne Tanning Mist has been dismissed.

She recently finished a stint under house arrest, and now Lindsay Lohan has another legal triumph to celebrate.

In 2009, skincare line White Wave International Labs Inc. filed a lawsuit against Lohan, accusing her Sevin Nyne by Lindsay Lohan tanning spray of stealing its own formula—but now, a judge in Florida has dismissed the case.

White Wave alleged that Lohan obtained samples of its product and developed a “nearly identical” formula, Women’s Wear Daily reports. However, because of lack of personal jurisdiction (and the fact that Lohan is only an indirect owner of the company that created her tanning spray), the case has been thrown out.

The Sevin Nyne by Lindsay Lohan line (named after Lohan’s lucky numbers) includes tanning mist and tanning lotion, both currently available at Sephora.

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