Mercedes-Benz, The Perfume

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Photo: Getty Images

Honk if you like perfume: Mercedes-Benz is launching a fragrance.

Mercedes-Benz is taking "that new car smell" up a notch.

The automobile company (and New York Fashion Week sponsor!) has granted the INCC Group a worldwide license to create the very first Mercedes-Benz fragrance.

"Nothing great has ever been accomplished without passion," INCC Group president and CEO Rémy Deslandes said in a press statement. "125 years after the creation of their first automobile, Mercedes-Benz will enter the fragrance world. I am thrilled and excited by this given responsibility and it is with passion that I will meet our business partners at the TFWA in Cannes this September to witness together the birth of a perfume star.”

Under the agreement, INCC will develop, manufacture, and distribute the scent, though details have yet to be released on who the fragrance will target ... or whether it will contain notes of leather interior.

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