Most-Trusted Beauty Products Cost Less Than $8, Survey Reveals

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly
Vaseline is a drugstore favorite, new poll finds.

In news that's sure to keep Crème de la Mer executives up at night, a new British beauty survey reveals that the most-trusted beauty products for older women seldom cost more than £5 (about $8), the Daily Mail reports.

In a poll from Wellaflex Silvikrin Beauty, four out of 10 women aged 50 and over said they spend less than a fiver (that's approximately 8 bucks in the U.S.) on their beauty essentials, with Vaseline topping the list of bargain favorites.

"This survey reveals what you might call the essential reality of everyday beauty care," beauty expert Alice Hart-Davis of told the paper.

"Women in their 50s might dream of using fancy anti-aging potions but, particularly in the present economic climate, what they will actually spend their money on are the tried-and-trusted products that they know will work."

"What works" also includes low-cost, low-frills products such as Neutrogena's anti-aging hand cream, E45 face wash, Pond's anti-aging cream, and Wash & Go shampoo, all priced under £5.

The survey also found that 20 percent of women regret splurging on luxury beauty products because they don't think they are as effective.

But that doesn't mean mature women are taking a bare-bones approach to beauty. According to the survey, 45 percent say they spend more time on their beauty regimen now than they did in their 20s, and more than half felt pressure to look younger.

Meanwhile, gray hair (trend or no) and crow's-feet ranked as the top beauty concerns.

Maybe they need a pep talk from the glam ladies at Advanced Style?