Joe Zee on QVC, Hot Dance Moves, and Where You'll Find Him in the Hamptons

Photo: Patrick McMullan
 Joe Zee


Calling ALL ladies - Joe Zee has designed an affordable clothing line for QVC! FashionEtc spoke to him about his involvement with "Super Saturday Live", his hot dance moves, and where you just may find him in the Hamptons.

This has been a huge year of change for you and you have managed to launch a clothing line with QVC? How do allocate your time between all these different ventures?

I am the master of multi-tasking and I love everything I do, so its never about allocating time but integrating everything I do. I think all my ventures have relevance in every area so in essence, it all plays well when it all comes together. Doing my line for QVC (Styled By Joe Zee) has been so much fun, in being able to bring all my stylish ideas of what I know works so well for women at an affordable price.

Having been surrounded by such amazing designers over the years, what elements were most important to you in your Styled by Joe Zee line?

The most important elements for me in designing my line has been about merging the idea of comfort and chic together because I feel very strongly that we are all so active in our lives, whether your a working mom or a woman on the go, you need something that looks great but doesn't feel restrictive or confining. You want style with ease.

You hosted the red carpet for QVC Presents “Super Saturday Live”. What part of that event were you most looking forward to?

Shopping!! How can you come to Super Saturday and not be immersed in the largest designer yard sale out there? Its an amazing opportunity to shop for your favorite things and at 50% off with 80% going to OCRF, its a great way to support the cause. And if you're not there, you can shop on QVC or at SO everyone can be part of this great event!

QVC Presents “Super Saturday Live” is a designer sale, benefiting the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund (OCRF). At up to 50% off, this could be a bit scary? Any crazy sample sale memories?

Yes, I remember going to a Chanel sample sale with a friend and being there at 5am in the rain with all the world's top editors standing in line in the lobby of hotel but let's just say, it was well worth it.

When you are in the Hamptons are there any hot spots you hit before heading back to the city?

Definitely! My favorite is Almond'son Friday night, because Eric has created the most festive night each week in the Hamptons. Of course, dinner at Vine St Cafe on Shelter Island is a constant favorite and also stopping at my favorite farm stand, Pike, to pick up cherry tomatoes for my staff on Monday, because you can pop them all day like grapes!

As a Canadian myself working in fashion, finding the time to visit friends and family back home can be a challenge. Do you manage to get back to Toronto often?

Sadly I do not get back to Toronto often. I think the idea that it is so close, makes it easier to slack off on going back.

We’ve always been obsessed with your dancing here at FashionEtcAny new moves?

Haha, yes PLENTY of new moves but you'll have to come to class with me to check them out.