Amanda Russell: Halloween Sexy Costume Slimdown

I think it is safe to say that Halloween seems to be a free pass to wear our skimpiest, most outrageous outfit that we could NEVER get away with any other time of year. I actually think it’s funny to see how every costume on women after the age of 13 seems ‘sexified’ (yes I did just make up that word), but I think you know what I mean here, think ‘sexy nurse, sexy superhero, sexy celebrity-look-alike, and on and on’. And hey, why not use the occasion to sport something you would normally never be caught dead in!?

Halloween costumes are a good motivation to get into serious shape!. This year, don’t be shy to go for the belly dancer attire or the infamously sizzling Catwoman.

Follow the workout below to get in tip top scantily-clad Halloween costume condition:

The Workout:

What to do: Complete 30 seconds of each exercise with 10 seconds between each move. Once you’ve gotten through the whole circuit take a 45-60 second break and repeat 2-3 (or 4) more times!

Prisoner Squats

Plank Jacks

Side Plank with Straight leg Toe Touches (Left)

Side Plank Hip Drops (left)

Jumping Mountain Climbers

Side Plank with Straight leg Toe Touches (right)

Side Plank Hip Drops (right)

Gravity Defying Interior Reptiles

Jumping Mountain Climbers

You’re Done! Are you still standing?

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