Mario Testino's First U.S. Exhibit Comes to Boston

Mario Testino Kate Moss

Photo by Mario Testino via Boston Globe

Kate Moss snapped by the famed photographer

It does seem like a nice time of year to visit Boston...who's in?

Mario Testino is showcasing some of his most renowned works at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts in his first solo stateside exhibition, "In Your Face." The works are in preview October 18-20 and open officially October 21.

It seems a little odd that the Peruvian photographer—famed for shooting the Kates: Moss and Middleton among other fashion favorites—is showing in Beantown.

There's a good reason though.

“When I did the talk [at the MFA in 2010], I thought there was such a nice crowd there. Malcolm [Rogers, director of the MFA] asked me about doing an exhibition, and I was quite excited about it. I was surprised that a city that seems to me quite conservative would be interested in my work,” Testino tells the Boston Globe.

If you think snapping the genetically-blessed is a walk in the park for the photographer, think again.

“I work hard at it. I look for that beauty,” he says. “I remember when I shot Jennifer Lopez, she said, ‘Testino me out.’ ”

Who is he to disagree?