4 P.M. Fashion Fix: Jookin’ to Azealia Banks

Jacob Sutton: Lil Buck on Nowness.com.

It's safe to say Lil Buck, a Memphis-born dancer on Madonna's MDNA tour, has moves we've never seen.

He is a connoisseur of Jookin', that fluid street-style you're witnessing, open-mouthed, right now, on NOWNESS.

Lil Buck shows off his difficult-to-replicate moves to "Liquorice," an earworm from current fashion darling and Alexander Wang's Met Ball date, Azealia Banks.

There's no better time for a collective office dance break than right now, but heed our words: don't hurt yourself...and download Azealia's "Fantasia" mixtape (it's free, y'all!) over here.