Joseph Altuzarra Shares his Stories and Secrets with Surface Magazine!


        Photo: Ogata, courtesy of Surface magazine  

Surface Magazine March 2016


Surface Magazine shot Joseph Altuzarra for its March Spring Fashion Issue cover and sat down for an intriguing interview with the popular designer!

Joseph Altuzarra shares details on building his fashion empire, how he came up with the designs for the New York City Ballet costumes, and why he chose to attend Swarthmore College in the U.S.

He tells Surface about his relationship with Anna Wintour, “I was supposed to meet and present my collection to her the day after flying from Paris to New York, but the airline lost everything. She was gracious about rescheduling and has been an incredible supporter ever since. She called and got us into places like Barneys and Dover Street Market and really helped to launch the Altuzarra brand.”

Altuzarra also talks about the films he loves for inspirations for his designs, “One film that was particularly important was Si Versailles M’était Conté [Royal Affairs in Versailles (1957)]. I watched this sprawling epic about life at Versailles over and over again, and the campy evolution of the costumes fascinated me. I also loved anything with Audrey Hepburn— Sabrina [1954] was a favourite.  I tended toward less mainstream films as a teenager. Orlando [1992] had a huge effect on me because it was more ambiguous in its narrative.”

We especially love his never-before-told sweet and extravagant engagement surprise story - #relationshipgoals indeed!

The Spring Fashion Issue of Surface will be available March 8.