4 P.M. Fashion Fix: Rachel Zoe on Harper’s Bazaar The Look

Harper's Bazaar's video show, The Look, has already done an excellent job of invading the space of style standouts, but they've really outdone themselves this time.

Rachel Zoe shows off her first Birkin, an orange number gifted to her by "Rodgey" for her 30th birthday. No word on how many more she has stashed among her vintage Halston and own jumpsuits.

Other fun facts about the superstylist we learned: she isn't opposed to wearing a turban to Whole Foods, she wraps gifts in WWD, and "mama loves a sequin."

As much as she takes a shine to the glittery things, Zoe confirms that as much as she adores, lives, and breathes fashion, her son, Skylar, comes first.

Now that's love.