Dying Hair Blonde Makes Women Feel Sexier, More Confident, Study Finds

blond hair

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Lighten up! According to a new Tresemmé study, women who dye their hair blonde have a better outlook on life.

Feeling blah? It may be time to bust out the bleach.

A Tresemmé survey of 3,000 women has found that three-quarters of women who dyed their hair blonde felt sexier and more glamorous afterward, the Daily Mail reports.

The bottle blondes also enjoyed a boost in confidence and a "better outlook" on life, suggesting that it wasn't just their locks that were lightened.

Going back to brown, however, appears to be less joyous. Four out of 10 natural brunettes confessed to regretting going back to their roots after dabbling with the light side.

"Hair color can make a huge impact on how someone feels and it's remarkable that some women claim to feel so different when blonde," a company spokesman tells the paper.

"The survey findings have found that we all make certain assumptions based on hair color—but of course these are just stereotypical preconceptions."

The survey also reveals that 38 percent of brunettes think their dark hair is drab, a third of blondes actually go dark (think Kate Hudson or Jennifer Lawrence), and one in 20 brunettes say they don't get taken seriously enough when they dye their hair blonde.

Buck up, brunettes. You appear to have an edge when it comes to attracting men.