Chrystal Copland Lost ‘Half’ Her Hair

Chrystal Copland Louis Vuitton Spring 2012 runway
Photo: Imaxtree
Chrystal Copland opens the Louis Vuitton Spring 2012 runway show.

Over-the-top updos, mega-frizz, bombshell curls or slicked-back strands—for the models that walk in several shows daily for the entirety of fashion month, it’s all in a day’s work.

But according to one such girl, all that teasing, blow-drying, pinning and spraying takes a toll.

“I’ve lost half of my hair in the past month because it just gets ripped out,” Chrystal Copland, a 20-year-old Australian model, told Women’s Wear Daily. “But it’ll grow back. I mean, you just have to think you’re there to work and that’s part of your work. That’s how I get through it.”

The Spring 2012 season was Copland’s first. “It was really overwhelming but I enjoyed it,” she said—particularly her coup as the opener of Louis Vuitton’s show (left).

“Apparently [Marc Jacobs] really liked me and Katie Grand really liked me as well,” she said. “It’s a shock to hear something like that about yourself because you never really think you’re something special or anything. You’re more focused on getting to places on time and stressing out about where you have to be.”

With the news that women lose more hair during autumn, we’re praying that the rest of the young beauty’s mane, er, remains—but luckily, the style chez Vuitton was (relatively) low-maintenance: a pretty ballerina bun.

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