The New Frizz

Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 2011 frizzy hair

Like unruly brows or an oily T zone, frizzy hair has a long-held place on beauty’s least wanted list. It doesn’t read sexy. It doesn’t seem chic. Instead, it’s at best offbeat and at worst unfashionable.

And given the above, I find it funny that the ever-irreverent Marc Jacobs didn’t adopt the look earlier.

Now, as I'm debating what to do with my hair for spring, I can't help but recall the outrageous, well-intended frizz on the girls at Marc by Marc Jacobs's Spring 2011 show.

The look was big, lush, and very Studio 54. And because the designer stood behind it, stylish types naturally reconsidered it.

For my generation of women who were weaned on John Frieda Frizz-Ease, the Marc Jacobs look is actually quite a scary concept. You see, for so long and for so many, frizzy hair was something meant to be tamed—specifically, burned, pulled and brushed into submission.

So to go the complete other extreme and have this big wreath of fuzzy, cotton candy–like hair … Well, there’s something about it that’s actually quite freeing.

How to get the look:

If you’re lucky enough to have frizzy hair(!), amp it up with a thickening lotion like hairstylist Guido Palau did at Marc Jacobs.

If you were born with curly hair, I’m going to suggest the unthinkable: Brush out your curls. That’s what Palau did after pinning and curling the models’ hair. (Prep hair with a thickening lotion to max out the volume.)

If you have silky straight hair, pin, curl, and brush out your new waves. FYI: This style is going to be harder for you; for once, girls with chronically unmanageable hair triumph here.

Now here’s the other critical bit:

Once your hair is bigger, fuzzier and frizzier than you’d ever dream of leaving the house with, you’re only halfway there. A strong makeup look is critical. Err on the side of minimalist and your look could quickly look accidental or—gasp!—homely.

Take your makeup cues from Francois Nars, who did the makeup at Marc Jacobs, and add a smoky eye, deep lip, or even both. Together, the look is rich and very '70s sexy.

Photo: Lindsey Wixson walks the runway at the Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 2011 runway show.