John Varvatos Talks Jessica Simpson’s Swamp Ass at H&M ‘Fashion Star’ Party

Photo: Getty Images
John Varvatos and Nicole Richie.

H&M's Fifth Avenue flagship was abuzz with fashion insiders and a fair share of Fashion Star fanatics at a special shopping event celebrating the NBC show last night.

The event was hosted by two of the show's mentors, Nicole Richie and John Varvatos, with Mia Moretti DJing, while guests chatted with the show's designers and buyers, and shopped around with champagne and mini desserts, including bite-sized s'mores.

The fashion reality series has suffered its share of barbed reviews, but tonight, H&M was teaming with plenty of viewers.

Mia Moretti told FashionEtc, "I love the show. I like how you get to see what the buyers choose. It's a great, fun fusion of fashion and celebrity."

Expertly mixing high and low, Moretti paired a Marc Jacobs pencil skirt with a white H&M top. She told us, "I've been feeling pretty '60s lately, wearing a lot of tailored pieces, a lot of high-waisted designs, longer hemlines and structured shirts."

Recently back from Coachella, she said her favorite part of the festival was watching Florence and the Machine perform. "There was one point where she [Florence] told all the ladies to get on someone's shoulders and you looked out and it was a sea of ladies with huge smiles. I guess that's the best fashion accessory you could possibly wear."

Varvatos took a moment to discuss what he loved most about the show. "The whole camaraderie between the buyers, the mentors, the designers, that part of it, I love and I really never expected it. We are all so close, which is great."

When asked what the funniest moment on the show has been, Varvatos smirked, "Well, we were on stage filming an episode and Jessica [Simpson] told me she had swamp ass. Since [then], she has already said it on Jay Leno. I can repeat it, but it's really more information than I need," he laughed.

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