Around Town: Baby Buggy’s Night of Comedy and ‘New Year’s Eve’ Screening

Mark Consuelos, Kelly Ripa, Jessica Seinfeld Jerry Seinfeld Baby Buggy 10th Anniversary gala

Photo: Getty Images

Mark Consuelos, Kelly Ripa, Jessica Seinfeld and Jerry Seinfeld at the Baby Buggy 10th Anniversary gala.

Baby Buggy celebrated its 10th anniversary with a night of comedy, with Jerry Seinfeld, Jon Stewart and Colin Quinn performing standup routines on stage at NYC’s Avery Fisher Hall earlier this week. But what got us laughing the hardest was the moment on the red carpet when Seinfeld, with his wife, Jessica, the charity’s founder, asked Kelly Ripa how the search was going for Regis’s replacement on her talk show. Ripa tried to recruit him, thus:

Jerry Seinfeld: How is it stacking up so far, with the co-hosts?

Kelly Ripa: Well, so far…

Jessica Seinfeld: We’ve honed in on one. [Nods at her husband.]

Kell: Jessica is helping me. She’s handling the search for me.

Jessica: I found one.

Jerry: I can’t work those kinds of hours, you know?

Kelly: Yes, those kinds of hours. Terrible.

Jerry: Yeah, that’s a lot of “hour” in a day for me to work.

Jessica: It’s a whole breakfast hour.

Kelly: That’s when he’s normally drinking a cup of coffee, during that hour.

Jerry: Yeah, that’s waffle time.

Kelly: We actually got new chairs [on the show.] I feel like you have to come back and experience the new chair.

Everyone within earshot, including yours truly, was laughing as they went their separate ways.

Baby Buggy provides products and services for children of families in need, and some of the famous parents at the gala filled us in on the ways in which their kids are currently driving them crazy. “The both of them talking to you at the same time,” said Hugh Jackman. “They want your attention, but they want it either when the phone rings, or you’re talking to someone else.” Seinfeld said his children have mastered sarcasm. “And also they call us by our first names now, which is really terrible, right?” Julianne Moore laughed about the wet towels her son leaves on the floor. “Other than that, he’s perfect,” the actress said, rolling her eyes.

Inside the auditorium, just as the comedy show was about to begin, Oprah Winfrey slipped into the room and took a seat beside her BFF Gayle King.

If you think the Baby Buggy gala was packed with stars, wait until you see New Year’s Eve, the new rom-com starring, well practically everybody in Hollywood. Hilary Swank, Katherine Heigl, Ashton Kutcher, Halle Berry, Sofia Vergera, Lea Michele and Josh Duhamel are all in the flick—and those are just the ones who couldn’t make it to the Tribeca Film Institute benefit screening on December 7!

Those who did turn up all claimed to be tame when it comes to ringing in the new year. Jessica Biel, stunning in Valentino, figured on a casual New Year get together with friends.

Zac Efron, dapper in a Gucci suit, said he hasn’t nailed down plans yet. “But hopefully somewhere fun with a lot of good friends and family.”

Sarah Jessica Parker, who chose an old Pauline Trigere dress that she’s had for ten years, said she and husband Matthew Broderick, who also appears in the film, are generally not big New Year’s Eve partiers.

Those were just the stars of the film we spoke to—other members of the all-star cast at the NYC screening included Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer, Jon Bon Jovi and Mayor Mike Bloomberg. Yes, he is also in the movie.