Andy Spade’s Hamptons Home - A Video Tour

Ready for some serious real estate envy? Andy Spade, co-founder of Partners & Spade and wife to Kate (together, they launched and eventually sold both the Kate Spade and Jack Spade brands), gives a tour of his Hamptons home—and it’s pretty impressive.

The 1880s-era Southampton structure is a former art studio and school, with bright, airy studio spaces and art covering nearly every wall. (One of his favorites, he says, is René Ricard.) But before you start thinking Spade’s an art snob: he has several fake Picassos and Pollacks.

“At times I think they’re almost as good as the real pieces,” he says. “I don’t have the budget for a Pollack, but I love Pollack, and I have no issue with having a faux. Most of my friends know that I just like the piece.”

In addition to paintings, Spade collects book covers, which he keeps framed on a wall—in fact, he once had a show at Colette in Paris called “An Argument for Looking at Books Instead of Reading Them.”

Spade also displays everyday tchotchkes like model airplanes, horns, magazines, and flags. “All those ordinary things are why I like the faux things. They were beautiful to me, [as well as] the memories I find when I get to those—more so than the more important art. Little things really, really inspire me.”

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