Harper’s Bazaar and Estée Lauder’s Fabulous at Every Age Event

Glenda Bailey, Elizabeth Hurley
Photo: Patrick McMullan
Glenda Bailey and Elizabeth Hurley at the Fabulous at Every Age event.

Hearst Tower was full of fabulous women (and a few good men!) on April 12 as Harpers Bazaar, along with Estée Lauder and the always-gorgeous 45-year-old Elizabeth Hurley, celebrated the magazine’s Fabulous at Every Age contest winners.

“She has a God-given bikini-wearing ability,” Bazaar editor in chief Glenda Bailey said when introducing Estée Lauder face Hurley, who announced the winners of the fashion tome’s nationwide search for fabulous women of every age. Hurley, who is playing a villain in the new Wonder Woman television series, retorted with a laugh: “You would not want to see me in hot pants!”

The magazine selected six truly fab contenders for the grand contest: 27-year-old Anh Sundstrom, 36-year-old Nathalie Sajous, 40-year-old Cyd McKenna, 56-year-old Angela Paul, 67-year-old Brandyn Barbara Artis, and, as an honorable mention, the 102-year-old Margaret Bonner, who gamely posed for pictures with Bailey and Hurley. But the most Fabulous title went to Artis, a playwright, breast cancer survivor, activist, mother, and grandmother (among other distinguished titles).

“She’s 67. When you look at her, what age did you think she was?” Bailey enthused to FashionEtc of how Bazaar chose Artis as the evening’s top honoree. “Sixty-seven! She looks amazing. She has a natural style and a love and a knowledge of fashion—and she has a lovely spirit. That’s why we chose her. She’s a breast cancer survivor, and she’s someone who’s been through that and has come out the other side helping other women. I’m full of admiration.”

Of course, Bailey was full of praise for all the finalists.

 Fabulous at Every Age contest winners nh Sundstrom, Nathalie Sajous, Cyd McKenna, Angela Paul and Brandyn Barbara Artis

Photo: Patrick McMullan

Fabulous at Every Age contest finalists (from left to right): Anh Sundstrom, Nathalie Sajous, Cyd McKenna, Angela Paul, and Brandyn Barbara Artis

“They all smile with their eyes,” she said. “They all have a spirit about them, and they have a passion about fashion. They really enjoy looking good but they have a tremendous confidence about them. They’re happy in their own skin.”

As for Bonner, the ridiculously chic, red-lipsticked 102-year-old practically stole the show. Would Bailey be as fabulous when she’s 102, we wondered?

“I would like to be as fabulous as she is right now!” she said.