Facebook Influences Consumers 70% More Than Anything Else

Looks like all that "liking" you've been doing is paying off! 

A recent study by 8thBridge found that 70% of consumers are more likely to respond to new products and brands when they hear about it from their Facebook friends (read: "likes" on their newsfeed) than any other form of advertisement. 

"Social sharing, curation and discovery of luxury products are the most important social media engagement activities for customers today," 8thBridge's chief market officer, Jon Kubo said. "Simply posting to brand pages does not generate enough interaction to provide a valuable return."

The top 10 retailers currently "killing it" in the Facebook world are:,,,,,,,,, and Barney's and it's new e-commerce site came in at number 20. 

"Many leading luxury retailers and brands have begun integrating advanced sharing, curation and discovery features on their site," Kubo said. "A few examples are Barney's, Coach, Bobbi Brown, Chanel, Gilt, Net-A-Porter, and Oscar de la Renta." 

Indeed, with the launch of Barney's new site came the ultimate personalized shopping experience where consumers could create "shopping lists" and "like" things that would show up directly on their Facebook page.

Isn't it nice knowing that your procrastination time on Facebook is doing something for the world?