Shopbop to Launch Men's Site in 2013

Photo: The Sartorialist


We're not ashamed to admit that a day doesn't go by without us checking the latest products and sales on Shopbop (hey! it's research!). 

While it's great for women's insatiable shopping addictions, we can't help but feel sorry for the men out there who don't get to spend their lunch break browsing the endless pages of retail glory.

But 2013 brings with it a new year and a new Shopbop site just for men!

The men's site will focus on contemporary fashion, including brands like Rag & Bone and Alexander Wang in its inventory, all of which consumers will be able to shop according to outfit, style, brand, category, and fit, WWD reports.

"The men's site will be both approachable and serve as a destination to educate and engage guys on fashion and style," a Shopbop spokeswoman said. "While others are serving the fashion converted or the super straightforward, we believe there is an opportunity to serve the guys who live in between these polarities."

We can already hear Derek Blasberg and Joe Zee's excitement.

Though there is no official date set, the site is said to launch sometime in late 2013.