Victoria's Secret's 'Sexy Little Geisha' Lingerie Sparks Controversy

Candice Swanepoel in Victoria's Secret's "Sexy Little Geisha" outfit.

More scandalous skivvies!

Following the controversial Urban Outfitters 'Navajo Hipster Panty,' the most recent retail buzz is surrounding Victoria's Secret's "Sexy Little Geisha" outfit, modeled by South African stunner Candice Swanepoel.

Part of the lingerie giant's "Go East" collection, the outfit features a mesh teddy with "Eastern-inspired" floral print details, a matching obi belt, with fan and chopsticks included. Before the product was removed completely from the website, the description of the outfit read: "your ticket to an exotic adventure."

The flood of negative responses focused on the problem with reducing "Eastern" culture to a stereotype of exotic sexuality.

The Frisky stated, "Considering the complicated history of geishas, repurposing the [geisha] 'look' for a major corporation to sell as role-playing lingerie seems a bit tasteless."

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