StyleMint Launches Live Online Shopping Event

Photo courtesy of StyleMint is launching live shopping events.

Remember the days when, if you wanted to go shopping, you had to physically go to a store? (We barely do.) These days, the e-commerce revolution knows no bounds, with brands like StyleMint not just offering online shopping, but online shopping events.

This Friday, the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen-helmed tee line will host a live-streamed shopping event in partnership with Ustream, R to Z Studios, Revlon, and Story. The two-hour event, hosted by WhoWhatWear’s Hillary Kerr, will include appearances by the likes of Rachel Zoe and Gucci Westman, and Mary-Kate will answer viewer questions submitted via Twitter (with hashtag #StyleMintLIVE) and Facebook.

“I’m excited to interact with StyleMint’s online community through such an innovative platform,” said Olsen in a release.

Of course, the event will be more than just bold names—viewers can score deals and do a little interactive shopping as well. (This is the future!)

StyleMint’s shopping event will kick off April 20 at 12 p.m. EST (9 a.m. PST). See you—virtually—there!