The Rolling Stones To Perform at Coachella?

Photos: The Hollywood Reporter | Patrick McMullan

The screen shot, Mick Jagger & Keith Richards.

.. And we're booking our tickets as we write.

The blogosphere makes both real news and rumors travel like rapid fire, and we're hoping this recent blog buzz is for real.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, one social media savvy music fan took a screen shot from the Rolling Stones's official mobile app listing a April 12th concert date in Indio, CA (the location of Coachella), which was deleted just several hours later.

However, the immediate gratification that iPhone apps offer, the news traveled quickly across all social media platforms, making the Rolling Stones performing at Coachella major rumor mill material.

The Rolling Stones performance would certainly make for an epic Coachella, so we can only hope there was truth in this blog buzz.