Gisele Bündchen Plays Desperate Housewife in Sky Commercial

Gisele Bündchen, desperate housewife? Good one.

The supermodel portrays a lovelorn wife who plays second fiddle to the boob tube in Sky TV's latest ad, which is airing in Brazil.

The leggy Muse cover star gets her domestic goddess on in a sexy floral sundress topped with a red-checked apron for the commercial, which sees her excitedly greeting her husband after a long absence only to find him looking for the remote. Bet Tom Brady never does that.

The campaign also features the H&M model scrubbing floors as she sings to herself as well as painting her toenails in bed.

On the bright side, the bombshell's next gig is sure to be far more glamorous: starring on Emmanuelle Alt's first Vogue Paris cover.