Gisele Defends Tom Brady’s Super Bowl Performance

Gisele Defends Tom

Photo: Getty Images

Gisele stands by her man.

Say what you want about the New England Patriots, but Tom Brady has a pretty strong defense in wife Gisele Bündchen.

Days after emailing friends and family to pray for her Super Bowl-bound hubby, the Brazilian supermodel was supportive and surprisingly sassy following the Patriots' loss to the New York Giants, lashing out against fans who dared diss her favorite quarterback's performance.

After being taunted with the cry "Eli [Manning] owns your husband," the protective Bündchen issued this foul-mouthed response: "My husband cannot fu--ing throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time.” Any questions?

The heated exchange was caught on video, while photographs show the lingerie designer—rocking a black leather jacket, printed scarf, and black Chanel 2.55 bag—embracing her somber spouse in the locker room.

What guy wouldn't kill for that consolation prize?