Carole Middleton's Royal Wedding Dress Drama - Designer Dismissed

carole middleton
Photo: Getty Images
Carole Middleton has reportedly had a last-minute change in wedding wardrobe.

The royal wedding is less than two weeks away and Carole Middleton appears to be having a bit of dress drama.

According to the Daily Mail, the mother of the bride-to-be decided weeks ago not to wear the custom Lindka Cierach dress and matching jacket she commissioned for the big day.

Cierach is one of Britain’s top couturiers and is famous for designing Sarah Ferguson’s wedding dress in 1986. Her pieces have also been worn by other royalty, aristocrats and celebrities including Queen Rania of Jordan and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

The designer, whose prices start at around $7,000, was hired to create a mother-of-the-bride outfit shortly after the announcement of Kate’s engagement to Prince William, reports the British paper.

So where did things go wrong?

Supposedly, Mrs. Middleton asked for the dress to be delivered to her home so she could show it to friends. Cierach reportedly refused since the dress was unfinished, but she offered to escort the design over (to ensure that it wouldn’t get damaged and details wouldn’t be leaked). She also is said to have extended an invitation to Carole to come to her studio.

A source told the Daily Mail that Mrs. Middleton was taken aback when the designer declined to send over the ensemble, claiming Cierach was being “unreasonable,” and subsequently decided against wearing the dress for the wedding.

The paper quotes a fashion insider as saying, “It is unheard of for a couturier to allow something out of their studio unfinished. Mrs. Middleton wanted it to be delivered to her home pinned together, as though it were ready to wear.”

Cierach hasn’t commented, but someone close to the situation relayed that the designer is “completely bemused after all the hard work she had put into creating the outfit.”

A friend of Mrs. Middleton’s claims that while Carole intended to wear Lindka Cierach, she’s found something she likes better and told Cierach as much.

Regardless, the designer completed the commissioned dress and jacket and sent them to Mrs. Middleton, who was surprised to receive the ensemble, though she had put down a deposit and intended to pay the balance on the pieces. Despite the look not making the royal-wedding cut, Carole has scheduled a final fitting for May.

A Palace spokesperson said, “What Mrs. Middleton wears to the wedding is her own private business.” However, the Queen had to be informed of the dispute because it is required that members of the bridal party tell Her Majesty what they intend to wear to avoid any clashes.

Who Mrs. Middleton will wear April 29 is still unknown; however, she was recently spotted with daughter Pippa at Alice Temperley’s studio and photographers also snapped pictures of Carole at Bruce Oldfield’s boutique earlier this week.

It’s very possible that, like her eldest daughter, Carole Middleton has ordered multiple options for the wedding in case news of one is leaked. Or in this case, she changes her mind.