Andy Warhol: Lips - Exhibition On Now!

                                                                                                                                                          Images: Danziger Gallery

Much speculation has been made over Andy Warhol’s obsession with women’s lips...Was it the sensuality? The diverse nature of each pair? The suggestion and allure of that feature? Whatever it was, only Andy knew, but he sure made a statement with lips in many of his works. Some of the most famous faces in Hollywood have had their lips be the focal point in his illustrations, and of course there’s that amazing painting “Marilyn’s lips”, where Marilyn’s lips are repeated 168 times!

It has been recently discovered that in 1975 Warhol made three albums depicting women’s lips. One of these albums remains with the Warhol Foundation, one was recently displayed in the Warhol Museum, and the Morgan Library in the “Warhol – By the Book” shows that ran in 2015 – 2016. The third and final album is the one that carries the portraits now on display at the Danziger Gallery.

The process for these portraits is fascinating and quite unusual! Warhol would transfer a polaroid onto a larger silkscreen, tracing out the features, and emphasizing the lips to get the look he was known for. These lip illustrations are silkscreened onto a variety of tapes – anything from regular scotch tape to heavy duty packing tape – then placed, sometimes in layers and with some overlaps, to give them all a unique texture and visual appearance.

See Warhol’s lip stories on display at the Danziger Gallery until February 25.