Olivier Theyskens and Scott Campbell on Tattoos and Art for Saks POV

Olivier Theyskens Scott Campbell Saks POV

Photos: Patrick McMullan

Olivier Theyskens (left) and Scott Campbell (right)

Olivier Theyskens, aspiring blogger? In celebration of The Whitney Art Party, the Theyskens' Theory designer abandoned the tape measure for the tape recorder and interviewed the fashion set's tattoo artist of choice, Scott Campbell, for Saks Fifth Avenue's POV blog.

"Drawing is the only thing I ever knew how to do," Campbell told Theyskens about his involvement in the art world. "Like, I was just a dirty punk rock kid. I was always the one who would draw the band logos on everyone’s jacket. I got involved in tattoos from there."

Campbell adds, "The art world when I was a kid was always really intimidating. It was this institution that was very academic. In order to get in, you’d have to have this really good posture and use really big words. And then I moved to New York and met all these people who are hanging at the Whitney—you know, artists—and I realized that they’re just screw-up kids like me, like everyone else, which is cool."

For his part, Theyskens confesses, "I am a tattoo virgin. I’d like to do a tattoo; they’re so intimate." (He's thinking about getting a fishbone on his back. We say go for it!)

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