Intergalactic Planetary: Lara Stone Stars in New Hot Chip Video

Comedian Reggie Watts, director Peter Serafinowicz, and actor Terence Stamp's participation in Hot Chip's new—we'll say it, inexplicable—video for "Night and Day" have grabbed the attention of hyper-literate Internet commenters, but one stunner is not to be overlooked.

Lara Stone's Space Age getup is more than a little reminiscent of a supermodel Judy Jetson, but as she never leaves her commanding portal, we don't get a glimpse of the full outfit to make an accurate comparison. Quick shots here and there though show the Calvin Klein face is wearing more than her usual advertisement garb and has left her patron designer's clothes at home, whatever planet that may be. Tom Ford's "Violet Blonde" dons a purple bustier with a mint-green studded jacket, complete with extremely angular shoulders, that might well have been lifted from Olivier Rousteing's sketchpad. A tight, high ponytail and cat-eye liner round out the model's look.

While we can't quite make sense of the video's premise, one thing is for certain. Given Stone's snafu at the end, she should stick to her day job.