‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Apparel Officially a Reality

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There's been chatter that E.L. James, the author responsible for getting scads of women all hot and bothered, was pursuing licensing deals, and now the ink has dried on bringing Fifty Shades of Grey stockings, garters, and more to your own Red Room of Pain, or erm, closet.

Publishers' Weekly reports three manufacturers have struck deals with CopCorp Licensing, the merchandising agency involved with James' S&M trilogy.

We're not sure what Fifty Shades-themed hoodies and other tees will look like, but Freeze Clothing has that end covered. HYP is responsible for —this makes sense— tights and garter sets, and pajamas, underwear, and robes will be produced by Briefly Stated. Surely someone is marketing some ties? They would be remiss not to.

Funny: for a book line not involving a lot of clothes, they sure are doing a bang-up job of making that another cash cow.

Tell us: would you wear Fifty Shades of Grey-inspired clothing?