Donna Karan Fall 2011 Review

Donna Karan Fall 2011 RTW

Photos: Imaxtree

Looks from the Donna Karan Fall 2011 collection

SHOW: Donna Karan (See the full runway collection)

THEME: Pearls of Wisdom, Urban Sophistication

HAIR: Eugene Souleiman

MAKEUP: Charlotte Tilbury for M.A.C

ACCESSORIES: Erickson Beamon Jewelry for Donna Karan

OVERALL TAKEAWAY: Pretty luxury with few surprises

If we can glean one thing from Fall, it's going to be a very luxurious season. Glamour is the key word, and at Donna Karan's Fall 2011 show, it was ratcheted up several notches, and draped with silk chiffon for good measure. Themed around urban sophistication, the collection was full of soft, muted colors, jersey dresses, mohair, and topped off with shearling accents and coats.

In case you hadn't noticed, fur is back (shearling included). The dark, economical times are over, and designers are whipping out pelts left and right.

The collection kicked off with a draped jersey dress in pearl—a pale grey hue—with a four-strand pearl necklace. (One of the other themes of the show was "Pearls of Wisdom.") The draping throughout the collection was, of course, very Donna—that is to say it's what we've come to expect from the designer: perfectly done and flattering, never bulky or bunching.

The afore-mentioned shearling accented a good portion of the showing, on cuffs, dickies, as stoles, or full on coats.

Looks were paired with slightly messy top buns affixed with silk chiffon scarves, making many of the models look more like nomads traversing a runway, than the ladies who lunch who will no doubt be wearing the creations.

The standouts were the coats (we're going to have plenty of outerwear options come next Fall). A wool felt coat in blush and the cotton trench were simple yet elegant. The jersey dresses held their own, especially a slate number with a folded neckline.

Donna may not have sent out a shocking collection, or veered from her tried and true. But what she sent out was pretty and something her clientele will clamor for.