Fashion Week Diary: DKNY’s Flowy Dresses, Anndra Neen, and Hello, Claustrophobia!

fashion week diary

Photos: Imaxtree

Looks from the DKNY and Jen Kao Spring 2012 runway

Fashion Week Diary, Day Four.

I’ll be honest: I so did not want to get out of bed today. My legs were actually hurting from all the heel wearing and all the 9/11 coverage was overwhelming. I wanted nothing more than to hibernate all day. But it’s Fashion Week. Once I was up and running I’d be fine. Besides, DKNY was a-calling.  So a bagel (carbs!) and coffee later, I pulled myself together enough to head to the 1 p.m. show. Weekends are not my best days.

The DKNY show paid tribute to New York City by setting the runways against a backdrop of the street with a cab outside. It was kind of perfect. The clothes were a nice surprise—I wasn’t expecting the flowy silhouette. I love me a good muu muu. Seriously, I can’t wait to be 70 and living in a bright fuchsia caftan drinking mai tais. DKNY’s collection is letting me jumpstart that—but in a chic way. The oversize blazer was also darling. (For more on DKNY, read the review.)

fashion week diary

Photo: Amina Akhtar

The Lake and Stars Spring 2012 collection

A much needed coffee break followed (thanks, boss!) and then I was off to Cut 25 by Yigal Azrouel. Or so I thought. The line to get in was down the street and not moving. Welcome to the halfway point of the week, when everything slows down. Not wanting to miss the L.A.M.B. presentation, I decided to head up to Lincoln Center instead. Where I then waited in line for at least 35 minutes. At one point, the crowd around me was so large I couldn’t move forward or backward. Right now you’re thinking, good thing youre not claustrophobic, Amina. Funny you should mention that, because in large crowds I totally am! This was a fun, fun day. (For more on L.A.M.B., read the review.)

fw diary
Photo: Amina Akhtar
A purse from Anndra Neen

Next up was Jen Kao. What I usually love most about her shows is the seating—all my favorite people are right next to me (Harriet Mays Powell, Doria Santlofer, Elva Ramirez). This season Jen was inspired by Romeo & Juliet—the movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio, not the play. There was an element of streetwear but the collection also evoked chilled-out beachwear. The really relaxed music had a lot to do with that. If you have sleepy music, people pay less attention to things. It's true. The jewelry and knits were the standouts of the show.

I ended my day by running around Milk’s eighth floor. If you've never been, this is where the presentations are held. The great thing about Milk is that you can pop around to the various rooms and see them all at once. First stop was The Lake and Stars, the lingerie and loungewear label that is now part of the CFDA Incubator program. The room was packed! But then, models standing around in lingerie tend to draw crowds. Funny that. The pieces had an element of menswear tailoring, and the designers were inspired by a trip to Mexico City and the desert landscape.

In a room down the hall was my reason for stopping by: Anndra Neen. I love, love, love their jewelry. The sisters, Phoebe and Annette Stephens (who are the sweetest girls I’ve ever met) create intricate metal pieces—bags, necklaces, earrings. If you want a statement piece—and really, why wouldn’t you?—these are your girls. I’ve already picked out the piece I plan on buying.

Tomorrow marks the second half of Fashion Week. I’m really hoping I get my second (or fifth) wind and breeze through the rest of the week. I’ll let you know how that works out.

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