Six ways to style and layer a dress for winter

You may be lamenting kissing goodbye to your summer dresses to make room for warmer clothes for the cold season. Who wouldn't? They are trendy, comfortable, flattering, and nearly not worn enough.

Are you putting all your summer dresses away because winter is coming? Don’t make such a drastic decision just yet. You may be lamenting kissing goodbye to your summer dresses to make room for warmer clothes for the cold season. Who wouldn't? They are trendy, comfortable, flattering, and nearly not worn enough.

To avoid the disappointment of putting your old clothes away for the new season, you can learn how to style them to make them season-appropriate. Styling your dresses in winter is no challenge as long as you know how to do it. For your winter fashion guide, we have listed some ways to style and layer a dress this winter season.

1. Wear them over tights

Winter is the best time to get the tights out from the back of your closet and wear them with your favorite summer dresses. Tights or leggings are the perfect protection for your legs against the winter chills. You don't want to walk out into the streets in your best dress only to have the cold breeze freeze your legs and hold you back! On colder-than-usual days, you can wear your dresses with fleece-lined leggings to keep yourself warm.

Other than making a significant contribution to keeping you warm and cozy, tights can take your look to the next level by adding a hint of elegance or interest to your overall outfit. Classic black leggings can go with any dress style and make you look chic without taking away the attention from the dress itself. Whereas colored or patterned tights can add a pop of color or a focal point to your basic dress look.

If you are running low on dresses for the winter, you can always make space in your closet for more. Look for the best italian dresses online to up your winter fashion game.

2. Wear them over turtlenecks

Layering is your savior in winter, and to layer your dresses fashionably, wear a turtle neck underneath. It is no secret that you can wear most of your summer staples in winter by adding a piece of warm clothing under it – the same layering technique applies to your dresses. Wearing your summer dresses with a warm turtleneck will leave you feeling chic and snug at the same time.

The best way to make your dresses and turtlenecks complement each other is to balance the colors and patterns. For instance, when wearing a colored or printed dress, choose a neutral color for your turtleneck, such as black, white, grey, or nude. Try not to wear patterned dresses with patterned turtlenecks, as that could add a chaotic clash to your outfit.

3. Wear them with boots

Come on- there is no way you can go wrong with pairing your dresses with boots. Boots are a classic for winter, and what better way to wear them than with your favorite dresses?

For your short or mid-thigh dresses, pair them with knee-high boots to keep your legs warm while looking like a fashion diva. Or, you could always use tights to keep the cold at bay and wear ankle boots to keep your feet warm and cozy. A long dress with ankle boots is another trendy look you could go for this winter. To elevate your outfit further, opt for high-heeled boots instead of flats.

4. Wear them like a skirt

If layering under your dress is not your thing, you can always layer over it. Wear your slim-fitted dress and throw on a jumper or a sweater that cinches at the waist. Doing so will make the lower part of your dress look like a skirt. Bodycon or slip dresses are perfect choices for a dress-for-skirt look, as the key to pulling it off is defining your waist. A cinched hoodie or sweater over a closely-fitted dress will do the trick to give you a flattering silhouette.

Avoid wearing loose-fitted dresses with baggy jumpers, as that could create a frumpy look.

5. Wear them with outer layers

Jackets, coats, cardigans- there are many ways to add layers to your dress and make it a perfect winter look. Wearing your dresses with outerwear can make a huge difference in keeping you comfortable and cozy while you look like your best fashionista self.

Denim and leather jackets can go with almost any dress and make you look cooler while keeping you warm. When you wear your mid-length dresses, pair them with a black leather jacket to give off cool and chic biker-girl vibes. If you wish to keep it classic, a denim jacket can work with your dress just as perfectly. On the days you'd like to keep it warm, comfortable, and casual, layer your dress with a cardigan instead.

When pairing dresses with coats or blazers, the trick is to match the length of the outerwear with the innerwear. Doing so will give your outfit a sophisticated look. However, it is not necessary for that rule to always hold. For instance, you could wear long trench coats with short dresses and still look fabulous- experimenting is key to finding what suits you best.

6. Wear winter dresses

Winter dresses – the name says it all. When the temperatures drop drastically, and your summer or fall dresses won't do the work, stock up on dresses made just for winter. Get a couple of sweater dresses or long-sleeved ones to keep yourself warm and cozy this winter.

There are many types of dresses perfect for the winter season. From different fabrics to different cuts, you can choose a winter dress that fits your style. Wear your warm dresses with warm tights to keep yourself cozy. You could always add more layers under or over the dress when the cold only gets colder. Layering with a slip under the dress can do wonders to add some warmth to your outfit.

The ultimate key to going through cold nights and days while maintaining your fashionista vibe is to combine comfort with fashion. Your summer dresses can have a warm place in your winter closet – all you need to know is how to style them for the cold season! Give these tips a try, and you can turn your dresses into the most comfortable yet stylish winter-wear you’ve ever flaunted!