4 Cute Outfit Styles Inspired by The Bachelor

Love is great and all, but raise your hand if you tune in to The Bachelor for the fashion? Could you imagine having to pack a couple of bags with outfits that have to last you for months and also catch your future husband’s eye? These girls have serious outfit planning talent, but what makes their outfits even more interesting is that they trade and borrow clothes from each other during the show, too. This creates endless style possibilities, and some of the coolest Bachelor looks we’ve ever seen.

With the new season in swing, we’ve set our sights on the cutest styles that are perfect for any one-on-one night out with your man or a group date brunch with friends. Here are some styles that will make you feel like you’re on The Bachelor (minus the emotional trauma).

Pool Party Ready

Is it just us or has Peter planned more pool parties than the bachelors before him? We’re loving these poolside styles, which are great for those who want to stand out or those who like to keep it cool, calm and collected.

Flirty Two-Pieces – If you’re looking to catch a special someone’s attention—like The Bachelor—strut your stuff in a two-piece. From bold patterns to thoughtful embellishments, these sexy two-piece swimsuits are sure to turn heads. Caelynn, Hannah G and Becca are all huge fans of the two-piece and they put their own unique twist on the style with one-shoulder tops and embellished bottoms.

Striking One-Pieces –I f you’re a strong believer in the two-piece, these one-pieces will make you reconsider. Between shimmery fabrics and beautiful wrap details, these swimsuits bring the sexy, but leave a little more to the imagination. Play your cards right and you’ll definitely get the date rose. Hey, Lauren Luyendyk won over Arie’s heart in her adorable one-piece looks.

All Eyes on You

Looking for that show-stopping outfit that will make you the star of your next cocktail hour? Well, this cocktail party attire is sure to send sparks flying when you walk into any room. We’re pretty sure we have never seen a Bachelor contestant sport a blazer and slacks to any cocktail hour, so let’s take a look at the dresses that will make you the hot ticket item in the room.

Short and Sweet – Mini dresses come in all textures, colors and styles, and they can give you a rush of extra confidence.

All in the Details – Picture this: a beautiful jewel-tone, midi dress with beaded and sequin details. This dress is perfect for a cocktail hour because all of the elements work perfectly together, making you look like a fashionista and placing all eyes on you. This dress could also be a conversation starter if you find yourself at a loss for words.

Laced with Love – If you want to show some skin, but don’t want to wear a mini dress, opt for a midi or maxi dress that has lace peek-a-boos. This look will turn heads and will have you feeling adventurous and sexy.

Gossip and Chill

The ladies in The Bachelor mansion do a lot more “chilling” and lounging around the house than we think, but they never know when the bachelor himself will make a house call. That’s why it’s important to keep it casual, comfortable and cute. You may not have a random bachelor roaming your crib—because that would be weird—but who knows when your girls might call you for a last minute movie night.

Underneath It all – You may be wanting to hang around the house in your pajamas if you don’t have plans, but we think adding a cute bralette to a cozy cardigan is the perfect way to feel confident and beautiful while lounging.

The Ultimate Sweatshirt Swap – Oversized hoodies might be your go-to for lazy days, but if you’re looking for a more polished look for movie night, try sliding into a cozy cardigan and pairing it with a lace tank top and some leggings.

Date Night Stunner

So you landed the date. Now...what do you wear? Whether it's the first, second or third date, you’ll be easy on the eyes in these date night dresses.

Turn Up the Sparkle – Since the Trista and Ryan days, sequins have ruled the show. When a girl steps out of the limo on the first night and her dress sparkles, we all get a little giddy inside. Whether you like a full-on sequin look or subtle shiny accents, you can’t go wrong with a dress that shines as bright as you.

Smooth Criminal – If you want to steal someone’s heart at first sight, slip on a satin dress that will hug every curve just right. We’ll never forget Tayshia’s cream-colored satin dress when she stepped out of the limo.

Ruffled Up – For the more casual, fun dates, prioritize ruffle dresses just like Demi. Demi was the queen of everything, but especially when it came to sporting whimsical, beautiful dresses with ruffle details.