Charlotte Ronson Talks Spring 2013, Sun and Style at Aruba Fashion Week 2012

Photo: Getty Images

Aruba hosted its second annual fashion week, featuring runways full of warm weather designs and bombshell bikini looks.

Designers from across the globe flew to the sunny spot to show their tropical-inspired attire, from Aruba-based designers to up-and-coming and established Colombian and Dutch names, with Charlotte Ronson representing as the only American designer.

Charlotte showed 10 hand-picked looks from her Spring 2013 collection and presented them as the finale of the jam-packed Aruba Style weekend event.

Taking in the sun, sand and Caribbean style spectacular, Ms. Ronson took some time backstage before her presentation to talk to FashionEtc about her Spring 2013 collection, casting her shows, Hurricane Sandy and her upcoming projects, including a recently-launched handbag line and hope to someday create a signature Charlotte Ronson scent.

How did you decide on the 10 looks from your Spring collection to show in Aruba?

We chose the 10 looks so that each one represented part of the color story of the entire collection. It all came together nicely. At first, we only had five looks though because all the rest of the samples were at Showroom 7, which was underwater and shut down from the hurricane. But we figured it out and made it work.

What did you do for the hurricane?

I stayed with friends and my step dad for a little. Being around family and friends and people you love and take care of each other really put the entire disaster into perspective.

Why did you decide to show during Aruba Fashion Week?

I can't say no to a sunny climate. I've never been to Aruba and have always wanted to come, so it was a pretty amazing opportunity. I am also very proud of this collection, so it was wonderful to show it around more, and to a different audience.

You always have an amazing tan? How do you maintain your color?

Haha, I used to not wear sunscreen, but I saw too many people with sun damage, so I thought, I gotta get it together. Then I realized that when I actually wear sunscreen, my tan lasts so much longer. I wear a lot of SPF, keep moisturized, and make sure to wash my face and get rid of all the sand and sweat when I'm at the beach.

I also have a beauty line for Sephora with a Charm 3-in-1 Luminizer, Bronzer and Blush Palette that I always carry with me. The combo creates the perfect glow!

How do you go about casting the girls for your shows?

For this, we did a couple rounds of castings. All these girls are so naturally beautiful though, so you really can't go wrong.

How do you keep reinventing the Charlotte Ronson brand season after season?

You have to stay true to yourself and have a brand identity. Its about working with what your costumer likes, what has worked in the past, how people react to different designs and referencing what end up being your best sellers. My clothing is also very wearable. It's not Haute couture, It doesn't have to form exactly to your body. You buy it off the racks and then make it work for you, and I love that.

What do you enjoy most about the actual shows, and how was the presentation in Aruba any different?

I never get to see the actual show and feel the energy of it, but I've heard it's great! Chaotic and stressful and annoying at times, but full of life and energy. This is certainly less chaotic then New York, and it's nice to have already done it all. I already had the looks. We just had to pop them on a young fresh face and we were ready to go.

What are you working on now?

I'm working on Fall right now, my line for J.C. Penney, I also just launched bags. I like having different projects going on at the same time. I also have a beauty line for Sephora. Beauty is so different and new to me and as I get older it gets more and more intriguing to me. I would love to create a perfume at some point.