Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Had Strict Dress Code for Models Aboard Jet

Abercrombie and Fitch

Photo via Bloomberg

A document detailing Michael Jefferies', Abercrombie & Fitch's CEO, demands for the crew working aboard his private jet, has come to light, and it's a little particular.

A former pilot is suing Jefferies for age discrimation, and the detailed "Aircraft Standards," all 40+ pages of them, has been submitted as evidence.

Here's a selection of the on-board rules:
—The flight crew were to wear coats only when the temperature was below 50 degrees. Collar popped.
—Men must wear boxer briefs. Yep, the document governed the crew's choice of underwear.
—Flip-flops always
—Black gloves when dealing with silverware, white gloves when setting the table

and this might be our vote for Kookiest Rule:
—the song "Take Me Home" must play when passengers arrived in the cabin on their return leg, reports Bloomberg.

but a runner-up might be:
—Jefferies outlined his dogs' seating arrangements, Ruby, Trouble, and Sammy