Billy Reid Gets Boost from James Bond

Billy Reid Bond Peacoat
Photo: Billy Reid
The Billy Reid Bond peacoat

James Bond is getting a little taste of style below the Mason-Dixon line.

The British spy, in addition to wearing Tom Ford, dons Billy Reid throughout the latest film.

The Skyfall production team ordered 19 pea coats from the Alabama-based designer, at the request of Daniel Craig himself.

"Daniel had actually purchased a pea coat from our New York shop a few years ago and when the movie began shooting, he wanted to use it," Reid tells Valet magazine.

Once viewers took note of the piece in the trailer and preliminary photos, Reid's Florence headquarters created a limited run of 150 coats which sold out in a matter of days.

But don't fret, gents!

Another limited run will be available soon. You can pre-order the Bond pea coat now.

Much more affordable than a Tom Ford suit, but just as dapper, no?

And hey, it's not pre-worn swim trunks.