The Five Best iPhone Apps for the Fashion Minded app

Photo Credit: Courtesy’s app is the most comprehensive fashion show resource.

Finding a good fashion app in Apple’s App Store is about as easy as finding a pair of designer shoes at a discount retailer—they’re there, you just have to hunt for them.

Wouldn’t it be easier if there were some handy guide breaking down the best sartorial apps? There is! We’ve divided all fashion-related apps into five main categories to help you find the best for getting inspired, shopping, soliciting advice, reading news, and organizing your wardrobe.

1. Best App for Style Inspiration: Chicfeed (free)

Chicfeed is a free app that allows you to keep up with six of the top style blogs: altamira on the go, Cherry Blossom Girl, Face Hunter, Jak and Jill Blog, LookBook, and The Sartorialist. Images are automatically resized to fit the iPhone’s screen for quick browsing.

Runners-up: Chanel (free), D&G (free), Gucci, Donna Karan (free), Ralph Lauren (free), Diane von Furstenberg (free), and WhoWhatWear (free).

2. Most Robust Shopping Guide: Lucky at Your Service (free)

Lucky magazine’s much-lauded Lucky at Your Service app allows users to track down—and, in some cases, reserve for pickup at nearby retail outlets—a curated list of apparel, accessories, and beauty products selected by Lucky editors. How’s that for service?

Runners-up: eBay Fashion (free), Gilt (free), Lustr Fashion Finder (free, for nearby sales), and ShopStyle (free, for more comprehensive online shopping). app

Photo Credit: Courtesy Stylebook

Stylebook’s app organizes your wardrobe.

3.  Quickest Go-to App for Style Advice: Glamour Ask a Stylist (free)

For style advice, look no further than Glamour magazine’s free Ask a Stylist app. Simply upload your query along with a photo of the item or ensemble in question for almost immediate advice. (Glamour promises a wait of no more than 15 minutes.) You can even browse the bios of the participating stylists to correspond with one whose taste is most similar to yours.

Runners-up: Fashism (free) and Go Try It On (free).

4. Most Comprehensive Fashion News Resource: (free)

Already one of the leading sources for fashion and party info on the Web,’s app is the quickest to access intelligently written news, along with high-quality runway reviews, photos, and videos from Fashion Week. The app also includes archival footage, international party coverage, and features from the site’s style blog.

Runner-up: Fashion News (RSS aggregator, $0.99).

5. Most Efficient Wardrobe Organizer: Stylebook ($3.99)

Of the many apps that label themselves as wardrobe organizers, Stylebook’s is by far the best. You can photograph and organize your clothing by category to create a complete mobile reference guide and then use the app’s Erase and Resize tools to create outfit collages. In addition, Stylebook sports a calendar that allows you to track when you wore outfits and also plan outfits ahead of time —great for figuring out when you’re going to need to have your favorite dress dry-cleaned for that special after-work event next week, for instance. You can also keep a log of which outfits or pieces you’ve worn to avoid repetition.

Runners-up: Gap StyleMixer (free) and Touch Closet ($0.99).

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