The Most Counterfeited Handbags and How to Avoid Buying One

We're all guilty of wanting designer handbags but not wanting to pay designer prices. Because of that, we go down the path of searching for the best deals on designer handbags and hoping that we avoid getting ripped off by counterfeit products. Unfortunately, not all websites are as trustworthy.

However, how can you go about finding used designer bags without accidentally buying a counterfeit? The first step is to know which designer bags get counterfeited the most. The next step is to know how
to spot the signs of a fake.

Which Bags Do Counterfeiters Target Most?

Counterfeiters love making fake products that range from shoes to electronics. However, one of their favorite categories to target is designer purses. The reason is that a good counterfeit handbag can bring in thousands of dollars with just one sale. While any designer bag is fair game to counterfeiters, they target some brands more than others.

Yves Saint Laurent Monogram Leather Clutch Purse

Yves Saint Laurent, better known for its YSL monogram, is among the most counterfeited brands in the world. That's because the price of one bag ranges from $1,000 to $3,000 dollars. Of all the purses from this brand, its monogram leather clutch purse is the most counterfeited by far.

Spotting this fake requires that you pay close attention to the leather. YSL is known for using high-quality leather for its purses, and counterfeiters simply can't hope to replicate it. Also, you should pay close attention to the YSL logo itself. A lot of knockoff brands use the Y8L logo instead. At first glance,
it appears to be a YSL bag. Under closer inspection, though, it's clear that the S is actually an 8. These small changes allow counterfeiters to market these knockoff purses online without being sued.

Louis Vuitton Multicolor Monogram Handbag

It's impossible to talk about fake handbags without bringing up Louis Vuitton. Its bags can range in price from $1,000 for a basic design to $10,000 for its most popular items. Of all its handbags,
however, the multicolor monogram bag fetches the most attention.

Counterfeiters love to use this pattern on everything that they can, including purse designs that Louis Vuitton never made. For example, it's not uncommon to see this multicolor monogram on a backpack. However, Louis Vuitton never made a backpack with multicolor monogram. That's a dead giveaway
that you're dealing with a fake.

Gucci Monogram Supreme Tote

Gucci doesn't mess around when it comes to attacking counterfeiters. In fact, it spends millions to send out cease and desist orders and takedown notices to websites and stores that sell knockoffs of its brand. With a price that ranges between $1,000 and $5,000, though, many counterfeiters still try their luck at selling fake Gucci bags.

Of all the Gucci bags, its monogrammed supreme tote bag is the most targeted by counterfeiters. One
of these bags easily costs over $1,200, which is actually on the lower end of the Gucci purse price scale. Counterfeiters choose this purse for that exact reason. They can sell knockoffs for a couple hundred bucks and claim that the discount is because the purse is used.

Believe it or not, the strap and carrying handles are typically the giveaways on these fake purses. Gucci uses a double leather strap for the handles on its purses. Most knockoffs use fake leather and shoddy craftsmanship. Some counterfeiters attempt to hide this fact by saying that the handles simply have some wear and tear from being used. Unless the purse went through a ton of abuse, which isn't typical
of someone who would buy a Gucci purse, the fake handles will show signs of wear and tear.

Hermes Birkin Bag

Birkin bags are the flagship of the Hermes brand. It's not uncommon for them to sell at $10,000 to $150,000. Although, the most common price is around $25,000. With such a high price tag, it's no wonder that counterfeiters often sell fakes online. They can afford to create websites and shut them down soon after getting such a high payoff.

With high prices like this, you should question any Birkin bag that you find for just a few hundred dollars. Birkin bags are a sign of wealth. You can't buy one, not even a used one, for under a few thousand dollars.

Tips for Spotting a Fake When Buying a Used Designer Bag

Now that you know the most common designer purses that are counterfeited, you can pay even closer attention to detail when buying them. However, counterfeiters will make knockoff purses of many
other brands too. Below are some tips that you can use to avoid picking up these bags by mistake when you buy used online.

If the Price Is Too Good to Be True, It Normally Is

The old saying that "if it's too good to be true, then it probably is" is wise to keep in mind when you search for purses. Even when buy them used, they tend to hold their value. While it's true that you'll
get a discount for buying a purse used, you shouldn't expect thousands of dollars to be knocked off the

Go to the designer's actual website and compare the used price to the suggested retail price. If the difference is significant, then there's a good chance that the purse is a fake.

Buy From Trusted Websites

Some websites have built reputations for selling legitimate used designer bags. Those are the websites with which you want to shop. Websites that sell knockoffs can't stand the test of time because the word eventually gets out that they're selling fakes. 

When you search for a reliable website, look for how long it's been in business. Websites that have been operating for years are likely selling reliable products. A company that has over 15 years of experience is a good starting point. Buying a used Gucci Purse from CoutureUsa is a great way to get a designer handbag that you can trust to be authentic.

On this same note, look for reviews from other customers. If the company is selling fake products, there's a good chance that someone has written a review about it somewhere.

Don't Fall for the "Certificate of Authenticity" Trick

One thing that counterfeiters love to do is include a certificate of authenticity when you buy a purse. It gives you a false sense of assurance. In reality, the certificates mean nothing. While some used purses still come with this certificate, it's not common. It's a much better practice to have an expert inspect the purse.

Do Your Research

Did you find a bag that you didn't know a certain designer made? Maybe you should do a little research on it before you buy it. Counterfeiters often make random designs and claim that they're exclusive designer bags. However, a quick search for the bag online is likely to bring up nothing.

A general rule of thumb is that you should never buy a designer bag that you can't find any traces of elsewhere. Usually, designer websites feature all of their bags. If you can't find a specific size, style and color, there's a good chance that it's fake.Have you ever been caught off guard by a counterfeiter? Don't let it happen again. Use the information above to safely buy used handbags online without worrying about getting ripped off.