Canine Revolution: The Big Dog Purse

Photo: Carmichael Lynch

The Big Dog Purse in Action

Adorable dogs are as key an accessory to an A-list celebrity as her Louis Vuitton tote. 

Who could forget Paris Hilton's itsy bitsy chihuahua Tinkerbell or Nicole Richie's puffy pomeranian Foxy Cleopatra? 

But there's a bit of a prejudice against big dogs here as a Great Dane isn't nearly as easy to carry underneath your arm as a Toy Poodle. Why should the big pooch be left at home when the little yappers get to go shopping, walk the red carpet, and get snapped for magazines like Us Weekly and In Touch?

In an effort to end the big-dog-little-dog segregation, Carmichael Lynch has created the ultimate big dog purse complete with wheels, a pull handle, and leather-like fabric! 

Ok, this is obviously a parody of the miniature dog purses, but we're kind of loving it! Can't you just Kimye taking a stroll through Barney's with one of these in tow? 

We can only dream...