Don't Call It a Comeback: Prada's Re-Edition Collection

Prada re-edition handbag

Photos courtesy of Prada

Two of Prada's re-edition handbags, re-issues of designs from 1991 (left) and 2003 (right.).

If our preview of the Met Costume Institute's "Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations" exhibit had you craving some vintage Miuccia, you might just be able to get your fix (and not just in the museum's well-stocked gift shop.)

Prada is re-releasing nine of its most-beloved bags—dating back to as early as 1991—just in time for you to accessorize your museum outing in style. Spring 2000's perforated bowling bag, Fall 2005's rose-bedecked beauty and the Mod floral purse from Fall 2003 are among the pieces on offer. The purses will be available in Prada's New York outposts. Get yours now, and you might even be able to tote it in time for the exhibit.

And now, if the Prada powers-that-be are listening, we'd like to request a re-release of the scenic-print skirts from Spring 2004, Resort 2010's sublime statement earrings, and of course, the preppy goodness that was Prada Sport.