Roberto Coin on Rubies, Costume Jewelry, and Must-Haves

Roberto Coin

Photo courtesy of Roberto Coin

Roberto Coin.

Give us rubies and gold and we'll be happy campers. Which is perhaps why we adore Roberto Coin so much. The legendary jewelry designer includes a ruby in every piece he designs—swoon.

Coin took time from his very busy schedule to talk to us about his inspiration, the rubies, and his thoughts on costume pieces. Now, if you'll need us, we'll be browsing some baubles.

Do you change your inspiration from season to season?

The world of nature and my entire life are the best inspiration sources for my creativity. They are so wide and interesting that [they] can suggest ideas and emotions for all seasons.

Your signature is the ruby you use. Tell us about that?

I came up with the ruby reading an old legend book where the Pharaohs believed that the ruby was the only positive stone able to promote happiness, health and love. That was exactly what I wanted to give to every woman. The ruby is my secret and direct gift to my customers, and many letters from them confirm to me every day that this gift is very important.

If there's one piece of jewelry a woman should wear, what is it?

I always consider the difference and originality of each woman as an irresistible quality which has to be respected and enhanced. Anyway, if I have to give a hint, today they should all wear a strong colorful ring from our large Cocktail Rings Collection.

Roberto Coin dragon tiger

Photos courtesy of Roberto Coin

Dragon and tiger pieces from Roberto Coin's limited edition collection.

What is your favorite item you're designing right now?

Definitely the Unique Pieces [are a] supreme and incomparable expression of my creativity, then Limited Edition Collections for their exclusivity (especially my last Siberian Tigers) and always my Animalier Collection, an example of the beauty and sophistication of nature, sometimes with an ironic touch added.

Do you think men should wear jewelry?

There is a must have that every man should have in his wardrobe and it’s a pair of elegant cufflinks.

What do you think of the trend of costume jewelry being very expensive these days?

Actually I think that costume jewelry has nothing to do with jewelry, but we respect the choice of the clientele.

Do you have any surprises in store for us in your latest collection?

We are going forward into Spring and Summer which are the most joyful seasons of the year. Among my collections I absolutely think that Ipanema, Shanghai and Primavera Collections would be perfect for an elegant and fashionable sunny style – a surprising “prêt-à-porter” explosion of colors and freshness.